6 Expert Tips to Create Content that Converts

Blog posts | 2022-10-14

We live in an era where content is thrown at us – left, right, and center. Businesses must chalk out a well-rounded content plan to hook the visitors at the first tap and keep them coming for more.

This is easier said than done!

The hyper-competitive digital marketplace is brutal. You don’t stand a day’s chance if you follow a mundane strategy. According to Neil Patel, 94% of businesses use content marketing, but most believe they aren’t doing well. In fact, only 9% of these marketers rate their content marketing as “very effective.”

Regardless of its niche and size, every brand must create a content marketing plan to excel in their industries. If you have been wondering the same and wish to give your content strategy a flashy makeover, this article is the right place to start.

Below, we have rounded up six expert tips you can take to create content that converts.

Have a look!

1. Use Emotional Content

Emotional content can do wonders for your website. Design and emotions are innately connected. Combining a well-designed website with great content will trigger emotions that drive purchase decisions.

Visual content, including photos and videos, is powerful for evoking emotions. And although the product description is essential when placing the products, the images elicit an emotional response. Taking custom photographs is not pocket-friendly for some brands. Instead, they can use online stock image libraries to find relevant royalty-free photographs.

Human neurology plays an essential role in facial perception. This means that we are sensitive to human images and expressions. So, consider placing human faces on your website as Nike does in its marketing campaign.

Source: Business Insider

Ideally, the content should revolve around a particular problem and walk the audience towards potential solutions. Sparking genuine emotions along this process will scale your profits.

2. Prioritize the Content Headline

Headlines must capture visitors’ attention and make them want to read your content. It should be catchy and concise, so the readers wish to explore more.

Marketers should spend more time when writing the headlines. It must strike readers’ pain points and get them interested to know more about a specific topic. Avoid the clickbait headlines that don’t deliver what they speak about.

Headline Studio by CoSchedule is a valuable tool in this regard. It analyzes the headlines and provides suggestions to improve their impact. You will see massive engagement and traffic improvement when the headlines strike the right chords.

Testing is the key to maximizing your performance across digital platforms. Try out the new and snappy titles on well-ranking content to notice how your traffic changes. Apply these findings to new content pieces to maintain the visitors’ interests.

3. Tell Stories

Storytelling in content marketing makes your customers care. It creates uniqueness in the product and makes customers feel they are a part of something different.

Marketers can add an element of stories to empower prospects. They tend to relate when they find the story characters in the same dilemma as themselves.

Karl from the Adidas commercial was one classic example of how companies can use a character to represent the masses. The hero in this ad felt bogged down by his mundane life and sought adventure. Everyone could see that buying Adidas shoes could help them escape the dull life and feel free.

Source: DigitalSynopsis

Keep in mind – modern marketing has changed dramatically in the past few years. Consumers are bombarded with ads and content. Stories are a fantastic way to engage prospects and motivate them to convert.

4. Use Persuasive Writing Skills

Using persuasive writing in content is an excellent way to convince your prospects that your product/service will solve their problems. It is a helpful writing technique that allows marketers to communicate their ideas in a structured way. For starters, they should learn how the prospects think and what they are looking for.

Here are some tips to follow when doing so:

  • Use a clear opening sentence
  • Speak to the readers
  • Choose a trending topic and share your stance
  • Be empathetic
  • Add certainty to reinforce your beliefs
  • Add uncertainty to trigger curiosity

Persuasive writing is one of the best tools to have at your disposal. It would help if you kept tabs on the current industry climate and trends to tailor your content accordingly.

5. Use Proven Content Ideas

Every piece of content that goes live on your website should have a solid value proposition. But, it would help if you found opportunities that will spark conversions from your website.

First, you should research the keywords to figure out what your prospects are looking for. You will find plenty of keywords that you can compete for. Consider using the best keyword tools like Moz, SEMRush, and Ahrefs. These will help you find the high volume and low competition words to craft content.

Another method to discover proven content ideas is to research the competitors. Analyze their content performance in SEO tools to see why they score higher conversions. Proven ways to drive users into a decisive state are:

  • Promotional offers
  • Case studies
  • Reviews and testimonials

Recreating old content is also an excellent way to improve lead generation. 51% of companies believe updating old content is one of their favorite tactics. Hence, your ranks can significantly improve by refreshing the old content.

Packlane’s article about making unique custom packaging is an excellent example of unique content creation. It is an informative write-up with a step-by-step guide for the readers. Including real-life examples across the content makes it even more appealing. Consequently, customers who get value from the content are more likely to have positive feelings for the brand.

6. Make it Readable

It makes sense that you want to impress your prospects. However, you should also ensure that the content is easy to read. HubSpot found that 73% of the people skim through the posts, while 27% consume them thoroughly.

Some basic rules to follow when creating content are:

  • Segment the text into small chunks
  • Add jump links to make content accessible
  • Use short and snappy sentences
  • Add white space or images to break the text

If you want your posts to bring more leads, you should get your creative juices flowing. A good idea combined with an impressive design and superb writing will take your conversions through the roof!


Creating content to stay relevant will not bring the desired results. It is essential to put your head in the game. Consider hiring professional content creators to help you stay afloat in the virtual pool. Join heads with them and discuss all your business objectives.

Valuable and targeted content that follows current trends will definitely bring more conversions.

Good Luck!

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