The keyword is quite a popular term that we’ve all heard about. You might be confused if you are not new to SEO as to what keywords are and why they have become so important. These are the words and phrases that people type into their search engines to find out what they are searching for. Not many people outside the SEO industry use this terminology as the majority of the people call them Google searches or queries.

What are keywords?

A keyword can be defined as a word that lets the search engines know about the article or website. If you have a website or a blog that is about how to train dogs, then the keywords of your website may be ‘dog training’ or ‘puppy training.’ If you post an article regarding the correct kind of leashes to use when you are to train a dog, then the keyword of your article may be ‘dog leashes’ or ‘puppy leashes.’ You also have the option of long-tail keyword phrases like ‘how to train a puppy.’

A keyword then tells the search engine about your website or a particular article on the website or blog. The search engines do this when they calculate how many times a specific word has been used in the article.

What are keywords
What are keywords

How to use keywords?

Typically, the way you use keywords is by adequately planning a campaign that targets them. This is where SEO, content marketing, and PPC advertising get importance. The simplest way to use your keyword is to make sure that your website’s content includes text, page titles, categories, etc. are all being worded in the same way that the audience will write in their search engine queries.

This way, when your website or blog appears in the search results, it will be appealing to the people that just searched with the same language. You can write your optimized blog posts that will offer answers to the keywords that ask questions, or give the general information on your website that will educate people about different topics around the target words in an effort to improve SEO of the website.

You can also build landing pages on your website to advertise your campaign that appeals to every specific keyword that you want to target through your campaign. You will find many tools that will help you know what keywords you have to use in SEO, content, and advertising. There is an On-page SEO Checker, an SEO content template, an SEO writing assistant, and a PPC keyword tool.

Why are keywords important?

Keywords have their importance because they can be targeted with marketing. When you see your website listed at the top of the search results, that particular keyword acts as a free source of the website traffic for you.

If your business or company has an advertising budget, then you have the option to place pay-per-click (PPC) ads on specific keywords. This is how Google Ads operates; the advertisers participate in the bidding for space at the top of the results page for a particular keyword.

In general, more advertisers are focused on a keyword that implies some monetary action that will be worth paying for the ad’s price. When you develop your marketing strategy for a website, you will be required to choose specific keywords to target with your website. With the help of search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing, you can organically achieve high rankings, and keep in mind that ads do not reach these rankings.

If you have an online business, the keyword is your strategy, as they are the battles that you fight in hopes of outdoing your competitors and direct the people that are using search engines in your market to your website instead of theirs.


Anything that users search on a search engine, whether it is a single word or a phrase, is considered to be a keyword. Keywords are known to be the foundation of SEO because you can’t possibly create or optimize content for the search engines unless you have the idea of what the people are searching for and what they would like to see.

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