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SEO is considered as a sustainable way to market your website, as you can create a regular audience and generate consistent leads that are essential for the success of your website. Over the past few years, the way that we buy things has changed dramatically, so developing a proper SEO strategy for the business can help you to draw consumer traffic to your website and grow your sales and revenue.

It takes knowledge, time and successful implementation of the desired SEO factors for your website to optimize for higher rankings in the search engines. If the collective power of your website or SEO of an individual page is more potent than others for a specific query, then you will be at the top of the rank.

What is SEO?

What is SEO
What is SEO

The word SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is the way of increasing the quality and quantity of your web traffic, and exposure to your brand through the non-paid search engine results. It is also a great way to improve the quality of a website by making it faster, user friendly and easier to navigate.

SEO is also considered as a complete framework as this whole process has various rules or guidelines, different stages and a set of controls. It is all about understanding what people search for online, what answers they are looking for, the words that they use and the content type they wish to consume.

Why is SEO important?

SEO marketing has become more critical than ever in today’s competitive market. Different search engines serve millions of users daily who look for answers to their questions or solutions to their problems. SEO can help you to get targeted free traffic from the search engines if you have a website, a blog or even an online store. The following are the reasons that make Search Engine Optimization (SEO) important:

  • Most of the search engine users are very likely to click on the top 5 suggestions of the total available ones in the search engine results pages (SERPs). You can take advantage of this and gain visitors to your website or gather customers to your online store, as your website must appear in one of the top positions.
  • Many people consider SEO only for search engines. Still, the fact is that acceptable SEO practices are not only about search engines but different approaches to improve the user experiences and also the usability of a website.
  • It is a fact that users trust search engines, and if you have a presence in the top ranks for the keywords that the user is searching, then this will increase the website’s trust.
  • SEO is excellent if you want to get social promotion for your website. People who find your website by searching the search engines like Google or Yahoo are very much likely to promote it on Twitter, Facebook and various other social media platforms.
  • For the smooth running of a website, SEO has its importance because the websites that have more than one author can benefit from it directly or indirectly. The immediate benefit that can be seen is the increase in search engine traffic, whereas, the indirect benefit for you is having a common framework to use before you publish your content on the site.
  • SEO is capable of putting you ahead of the competition. If two websites sell the same product, the SEO optimized website is likely to have more customers and therefore make more sales.

Stages of the search engine optimization process

We already know that SEO is not a static process, but it is a framework that has rules and procedures. There are three main types of SEO:

  • Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the starting stage of the SEO process. As the name implies, it has nothing to do regarding the actual content of the website or the promotion methods of a website. It is about the settings that you require to configure to make it easier for the search engine crawlers.

  • On-site SEO

On-page SEO is the second stage that has to do primarily with the content and different elements that are found on the page. The main focus of the on-site SEO is to offer enough signals to the search engine users so they could understand the context and meaning of the content.

  • Off-site SEO

Another way to improve the ranking position of your website is by using off-site SEO methods. Off-site SEO is generally known to build links, or one can use the term website promotion, as it is a proper way to promote a website that involves various methods and techniques than building links.


If you want to optimize your website actively, you have to make it work both on-page and off-page with the search engines, as you don’t want to limit the performance potential of your website. Your business can immensely benefit by following some basic organic SEO. It can help to generate more leads than any other marketing initiative, and it should be a concerning priority for your website.

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