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When people start browsing a website, they want an attractive design, easy navigation, and relevant content. Many people spend less time online, but the business needs to leverage the features of a website valued most to hold the attention of the audience.

Nowadays, different companies compete for users who like to curb their time online. This means that the business needs to incorporate additional website features that the users want without sacrificing the functionality.

Top website features

If a website incorporates different website features that the people really want, this will obviously help the website stand out in the limited time it gets with browsing online people. The following are the top website features that every business website must-have.


Easy navigation

People always prefer websites that are easy to use and navigate. Easy navigation is considered as the most useful website feature for almost everyone. An easy to navigate website offers its users faster and more efficient access to the content they would like.

The users prefer a website with a clear menu structure as it makes it easy for them to maneuver between the pages. Amazon is very well known for being an easy to navigate website despite the high volume of content that it has. Businesses have to follow Amazon’s example and prioritize navigation and functionality for the users because not doing so could mean losing their potential customers.

User-friendly multiple-step forms

Step forms are elementary to use forms divided into logical sections that are easy to operate and use. These forms have made it possible to get rid of the long bulk-online forms that were difficult to understand and manage. These forms can be used for various purposes and tasks, from registrations to profile updates, logins, and security checks.

The forms are divided neatly into sections and are positioned correctly. After completing the first section, the user can move to the next section form by correctly filling the details. You can incorporate different designs and color schemes when designing a step form.

Online appointment booking

In this era of digitalization, a successful and dynamic website needs an online appointment scheduling system. It will increase the convenience for your customers with them not having to talk to anybody and benefit your team, especially your business.

Online booking means a reduced workload and fewer mistakes, as machines don’t get tired. In addition to that, it also offers more opportunities to schedule appointments, as more people can benefit from it at the same time, whereas, on the phone, you can only talk to a single customer at once.

Rafflepress for giveaways

Rafflepress is a rich and user-friendly content plugin available in the market. You can quickly grow your email list, web traffic, and social media followers with the giveaways and contests. Rafflepress obviously helps you to capture the attention of the visitors with attractive giveaways.

It also helps you unlock the viral growth by turning your website visitors into brand ambassadors. As a result of this growth, you will be able to get more traffic to your website and faster social media engagement without buying any paid ads.

Live chat

If you respond faster to a lead or a potential customer, it will leave a better impression for you than making the new customers wait around. Not only will this be making your customers happy, but it can have a considerable impact on the potential of your customers to convert.

One of the quickest methods of customer service is live chat and is also one of the best tools that many B2B companies tend to utilize on their websites. The main reason is that it converts and helps real people because nobody likes to send a support email to get a possibly automated response after 48 hours.


Companies that are considering a new website design have to take the preferences of the people to heart. As people want to spend less time online, therefore, a website must be created that offers useful features for the website visitors. As accessible navigation features must be the top priority when you create a new design, and this can be done by adding different features that can create an intuitive user experience.

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