The Steampunk Butterfly

This handmade jewelry company already had an active Shopify website created by the owner from a pre-made template. It wasn’t bad and worked initially when she started her company, but eventually the Shopify theme restrictions and lack of full customization and control became enough for Lexi to start exploring other options.

The Journey: Our Process

With around 200 products, including product variations in necklace materials and chain lengths, this was no small project! When she came to us, our goal was to keep the authentic handmade aesthetic from her jewelry line and reflect that throughout her website. We switched her website to build it on WordPress with WooCommerce and started carefully crafting new text content and graphic banners to bring her vision to life. Lexi was astounded with how custom and handmade the new website turned out! Not to mention, we had a blast bringing this new custom crafted e-commerce website to life.

Final Thought

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Check out The Steampunk Butterfly website here!

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