The 4 modern rules of logo design

The more articles you read on logo design, the more they will tell you about how it is important for your business. But we already know that, right? Now that we know how significant it is for your business’s overall revenue, growth and sales, it’s time to ramp up the design by configuring it with modern rules. 

There are several options of hands-on logo creator tools available online. But if you want to know about the modern rules of designing a good-looking logo, here’s your ultimate guide.

1. Play Q&A with your brand 

The logo is your brand’s new identity. It defines what your brand stands for, aims at and plans to be. As such, the design of your logo must revolve around the same idea. For this purpose, you must ask yourself some basic questions regarding your brand. Why does your brand need a logo? What is your brand looking to convey with your new logo? What important incorporations should your logo contain? 

2. Make it worth the ‘wit’


The only way to make customers recognize your brand logo is to remember it. Once you have analyzed how to associate the logo with your brand, it is time to determine how you can make your audiences remember it. One smart way to do this is to design a clean, clear and easy to remember logo. Remember, 95% of the most reputed brands today implement merely one or two colors in their brand logo. You must try to do the same. 

3. Draft the bigger picture 

Creating a final logo and making changes later can be challenging. When you are creating your business logo, the focus should not only be on how it looks on your website. You also need to see how it looks on other important elements of your business like the business card, brochure and more. So, it is best to create mock-ups and drafts. Get them approved by your team, and then publish the final logo everywhere. 

4. Make it timeless

A logo is not something you should change regularly. Changing the logo frequently could confuse the audience and might hamper their choices when wanting to opt for your solutions. Changing the brand logo can also become hard to recognize your brand for all customers, which can shift your potential clients somewhere else. So, do not make this mistake. Although it might take weeks or even months to curate a memorable logo, let it happen.