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Dr. Martha Lucas, L.Ac., the founder of Your Wellness with Dr. Martha, is a Chinese medicine therapist who offers her services globally through telehealth. She is a passionate speaker, instructor, and author who has made it her ambition to aid people in achieving and maintaining good health. Dr. Lucas has been recognized as a leading Cosmetic Acupuncture expert, with her work being featured in renowned publications such as The NY Times, USA Today, WSJ, The Gazette, and WebMD.

For several years now, we have maintained a close working relationship with Dr. Martha, performing monthly maintenance for her various websites and assisting her in any way we can. In fact, we hold a special affinity for Dr. Martha, owing to the impact she has had on the life of Angelina, PRYDE Design's co-founder. Since Angelina began seeking acupuncture sessions from Dr. Martha, her debilitating migraines, which previously occurred multiple times a month, are now few and far between.

Over the years, we have developed a strong rapport and relationship with Dr. Martha and have come to believe wholeheartedly in the power of her work, especially having experienced it firsthand. With that being said, we are always happy to take on any project that she entrusts us with and, naturally, we were elated when Dr. Martha approached us to redesign the Lucas Acupuncture logo and website.

Dr. Martha had a special request for her logo design - she wanted us to recreate a special drawing that her grandson had made for her. Needless to say, she was delighted with the outcome of her new logo and was ready for us to get started on her website redo.


Before embarking on the website design, Angelina took the opportunity to photograph Dr. Martha during one of her acupuncture sessions, as well as recorded a series of professional videos that would be used as content for her new website. Being that Dr. Martha is the brand of her business, we knew it would be crucial to build a sense of familiarity and trust with smiling pictures of her. By seeing her face on the website, especially on the about page, visitors who had never worked with her before would feel more comfortable and at ease when considering purchasing her in-person services or products.

To achieve a cohesive design, we incorporated the colors of Dr. Martha's logo across the website. Additionally, we aimed for a clean and holistic look, while ensuring effortless navigation. Given that many visitors seeking Dr. Martha's services are in urgent need of help, we were mindful of creating a user-friendly website. We wanted to avoid any potential frustration or confusion that could result in visitors leaving the site without obtaining the information or assistance they require.

Another major element of Dr. Martha's website was its integrated online shop, where visitors could purchase her at-home therapies, essential oil blends, meditation audios, printable guides, books, and supplements. As Dr. Martha offers a diverse range of products, it was vital to ensure that they were easy to locate. To accomplish this, we categorized each product and created separate pages for each category. Within these pages, visitors could click on individual products to access a detailed description, and choose the desired quantity before adding it to their cart. For those who already know what they want, they could simply add items to their cart without needing to view the description page. Again, prioritizing user-friendliness and keeping everything as tidy as possible was a key factor in our design process.

Regarding additional website functions, we implemented various call-to-actions throughout the site, included a testimonials slider, integrated an on-page newsletter subscription sign-up, and added an online Calendly booking tool for both virtual and in-person appointments. Moreover, we created dedicated FAQ and Blog pages to provide visitors with more information and resources.


In summary, we are incredibly satisfied with the final result of this project. We are grateful to have contributed our small part to Dr. Martha's ability to improve the quality of life for numerous individuals. As a team, we feel proud knowing that we have come together to create a platform that provides visitors with easy access to Dr. Martha's products, services, and resources. It is our hope that the website will continue to assist Dr. Martha in positively impacting the lives of countless people across the world.

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