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When Amy, with Lightning Mobile Electric, reached out to us for a complete website redesign, we knew we had an important job to do. After all, with great electrical power comes great responsibility! Lightning Mobile Electric prides themselves on being the best and the brightest in the business, with their commercial and industrial electricians providing 24/7 emergency service, service upgrades, and more. While their old website had some great attributes, it was in dire need of a revamp. After our initial consultation with Amy, we understood the importance of their work and wanted to create a website that reflects their proficiency, reliability, and commitment to quality.


Before diving into the design process, we wanted to get a better sense of Lightning Mobile Electric's brand, team, and workspace. To achieve this, our team of talented photographers visited the Lightning Mobile Electric warehouse to capture photos of the space and the team members in action. The visit was truly awe-inspiring, as we were able to witness the team's dedication and passion to their craft. We knew we had to channel that energy into the website's design and ensure that it reflected the company's values and expertise.

In terms of the website's aesthetic, we took inspiration from Lightning Mobile Electric's existing logo. Aside from implementing their previously established brand colors, we used the overall vibe of the logo as the foundation of the design. In fact, by incorporating the lightning bolt element from the company's logo throughout the website, we could reinforce brand recognition and establish a sense of familiarity. Furthermore, we worked closely and vigorously as a team to guarantee that the design, as a whole, was clean, visually appealing, and easy for visitors to navigate.

As we delved deeper into the website's design, we were mindful of the amount of information that needed to be conveyed to potential clients. To ensure that the website didn't appear cluttered or overwhelming, we employed several design techniques to break up the text with images and appealing on-page animations to keep visitors engaged.

Our team also prioritized the development of various functionalities to enhance the user experience. This included the creation of a scrolling carousel that displayed the company's electrical contractor services, a custom service location map to help potential clients identify whether Lightning Mobile Electric serves their area, and a slider that showcased the company's valued clients, complete with their respective logos. We also developed an application form for job seekers to easily apply for available positions within the company, and integrated a Calendly booking tool to streamline the process of scheduling appointments.


Working with the Lightning Mobile Electric team was a truly inspiring experience that gave us a surge of energy and excitement. We are proud of the final product and are confident that the new website will not only attract new clients, but also reinforce Lightning Mobile Electric's position as a leading provider of commercial and industrial electrician services.

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