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A big step towards turning your business into a recognizable brand is by designing a logo. Your brand represents the sum of all the promises and experiences you deliver as a company. Using the logo, you tend to unify all your visual touchpoints to reinforce the positive feelings of customers towards your brand.

Your customers come in contact with a lot of advertising daily, and they are obviously good at turning things out. The right visual cues grab their attention and remind them why they should interact with your business. Your logo will inspire trust and showcase your brand visuals wherever you interact with your audience.

Where should you use your new logo design?

Like any other relationship, your customers also require you to be consistent with developing strong feelings about your brand. You can try to display your logo in the following simple and effective locations to boost your brand recall.


Product packaging

You can build excitement about your product with impressive packaging. Successful businesses translate the details of their branding into the packaging of the product. A logo design can be considered just one part of the overall look, but keep in mind that it is usually the first thing that the customers see when browsing and opening new products.

You have to choose creative packaging that emphasizes the positioning of your logo and brand. As a business person, you seriously have to think about the experience of unboxing your product and add your logo to every layer.

Business cards

There are a number of places that you can distribute your business cards that include different networking events, order mailings, sales letters, and brick-and-mortar stores. Business cards are no doubt small, but a potent tool as they can potentially end up in front of many new customers.

You should put your logo on a business card with an obvious selling point that is easy to remember. If you are able to convey your business value in a few seconds, then it is more likely that the customers will keep your card for later.

Business stationery

There is a touch of professionalism added by the logo designs to the envelops, letters, notepads, and labels. If you want to show your clients that you run a serious operation, you should invest in branded stationery. The same can be applied for the emails and online newsletters.

Branded headers and the signature lines are a perfect tool to display your company info and links. Usually, the readers tend to click the emails quickly, but when they see a familiar brand, it obviously makes them more receptive to your message.

Company website or blog

It doesn’t matter where your customers first hear about your company; all the paths lead to your company website or blog. You have to put a logo where the customers don’t miss it and try to use a branded image for the site icon.

As your logo stays visible at the top of each page, therefore, the readers get more time to code those visuals into memory. The website visitors see the visuals and your brand story together, and this gives them a clear idea of what you are offering.

Signs and advertisements

Whether your business is online or an offline one, you have to use signs and banners to build a buzz about your products. Nowadays, we see large signs with logos and brand colors everywhere. Different signs hang from the ceiling and signs that decorate the ends of aisle and floor displays.

The placement of online ads and signs has to be carefully thought out. Big businesses are very much aware of the importance of reinforcing brand visuals. One should take a lesson from them and weave the logo design into a creative display that sells an experience.


You have to think outside of your box and look for ways to improve branding by featuring your logo in the places that are common and not so common. The best marketing opportunities available out there don’t have to be complicated or expensive. You will be having an easy and affordable way of advertising your business by using your logo in different places.

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