Growing your business is a bit like a marathon because, in some cases, it could take months to bring a business up to speed. It is not easy to effectively promote your business to the right audience until you have a reasonable marketing budget.

There are certain ways that can be tried to get you excellent results for a business, and much faster than you actually think. A simple giveaway that is well executed can help to grow your business and for quite a low cost quickly. Giveaways can be useful tools, and they won’t break the bank either.

What are giveaways?

Giveaways are promotional tools that are used by businesses to improve image, brand awareness, or drive sales. Giveaways can be ranging a great deal with value and size. The majority of the companies that use giveaways in their marketing strategies tend to roll the price of a giveaway into any other products or services. This mostly happens when a business does not have a huge marketing budget to cover the cost of a giveaway.

Any business must consider the powerful benefits of incorporating giveaways into their marketing strategy. These businesses can find the services of giveaways that bring them to return on investment that no other marketing channel can.


How to run a giveaway for your business growth?

Giveaways are fantastic for the growth of your business online. When you will do enough of them, you will be known as a big business. The following steps will help you to run a successful giveaway.

Determine the goal of the giveaway

You have to define your giveaway’s primary goal and whether you like to increase the social media followers or email subscribers? You have to figure out what you will measure to look back to figure out if your giveaway was a successful one.

Remember that the idea of the giveaway is not about making a direct sale, as most of the giveaways help to increase brand awareness and build your online following. A few giveaway goals for the businesses to measure success are the number of social shares, the number of entrants, amounts of collected emails, and the number of new likes and also the followers.

Offer an incentive for the giveaway

One of the most critical questions for you is, what are you giving away?. The people may not be participating in the giveaway if they are not excited about your offering. Most of the successful giveaways have one incentive in common that they give away their product. This strategy works quite well because it gives the followers what they already want and draws more people to your brand. If people like what they receive in the giveaway, then they will be willing to buy from you in the future.

Look for a software that suits your needs

Building your giveaway from the ground up can be a very challenging task. This is the reason why there are many giveaway tools out there that can be very helpful for you to host a giveaway. Some of the favorites are Gleam.IO, Raffle Copter, and Wishpond.

The giveaway tools will get the job done. As there is a wide variety of giveaway tools available online, you can visit each one and choose the one that you think will meet your requirements.

Promote your giveaway

The only thing that will make your giveaway successful is promotion. It would help if you considered a giveaway a flop without promotion. People might like your prize, but this prize is never going to go viral without promotion.

To make sure the people know about your giveaway, you have to dedicate your energy, substantial time, and budget. The most common ways for any business to successfully promote giveaways are paid Facebook ads, Newsletter distribution, influencer outreach, get the involvement of friends and families, social communities, and different forums.


Different giveaway platforms will do great work for the growth of your business. You have to choose the best possible incentive that you can give and the effort you have to put into promoting your giveaway. Both are very important and will be deciding the outcome of your marketing campaign.

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