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Nothing could be more frustrating for you than seeing your website rank down on the Google page despite continuous efforts to make the ranks climb. Some people think that no matter what they do, it will not work. They get a feeling that Google hates their website, and they don’t have any idea why. There are a few systematic and straightforward ways to improve Google rankings and get more traffic.

Steps to rank higher on Google

The main idea is to find a key phrase that you are already ranking for, but still not ranking high. If you can find these phrases, you can find the corresponding page. If you are able to find the page, then this is called ranking; you can optimize it better for the phrase and watch your rank jump. The following steps will help you rank higher on Google.


Start with a sound foundation

Low website structure and information architecture can doom your SEO campaign even if it’s the best. If the users find your website difficult to navigate and Google to crawl, then there is a possibility that your rankings will suffer. It would help if you first thought about the mobility on a mobile platform, as this is your pathway to success.

There are a number of signals that the Google algorithm incorporates, plus the machine learns to determine search rankings. When you tend to the SEO basics, it will give you an advantage over many competitors. The duplicate content issues typically have a relation with technical problems, and the most common one is the multiple versions of the same page. You can resolve this by setting proper redirect rules.

Optimize for mobile

As Google rolls out the mobile-first index, so your website has to pass the mobile-friendly test. To avoid any mobile ranking meltdown, you have to double down on the mobile tasks and performance. You have to think about what the users want to do on your website after landing on it. They should smoothly perform the necessary functions without any difficulties, even when multitasking.

Sometimes your visitors find themselves endlessly scrolling to access the products or services that you offer. Loading time is considered a significant factor in mobile devices, as most mobile connections tend to be slower compared to PCs.

Optimize your speed

You have to continuously monitor your speed and keep improving it both for mobile and desktop. You can use the Google Page Speed tool to benchmark performance. You can execute the page speed optimization by the Image file size using image compression and optimizer tool, browser caching by adding code to the web host and script handling.

Work on the links

There is a considerable influence on both the internal and external links on your website ranking. You should never ignore the broken links and fix them by running a crawl on your website with tools like W3C Link Checker, and this way, you can easily spot the 404 errors and fix them.

You also have to extract the match anchor text and get notice of mentions of your site by setting a Google Alert. This will obviously help you to keep track of all your brand mentions across the web. Places where the mentions are unlinked, you can contact the webmaster and request them to turn the mention into a link.

On-page optimization

Google is always available to help you out. It has produced a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide that is meant for anybody interested in promoting the online content through Google search. As far as website architecture is concerned, you can do the basics, as explained in the starter guide, and this will put you head and shoulders above most of your competitors.


It’s not rocket science to rank higher on Google, but it can be more challenging than others if we are doing so for some keyword. This is the main reason why it makes sense to chase rankings for any uncompetitive keywords that you already rank on the first page. You have to figure out why you are being outranked, and you have to do everything in your power to get those issues fixed.

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