Everything You Need To Know About Google My Business

Your Google Maps listing is quite an important marketing tool for the business. It will help you to get discovered by the new customers, stand out above in the competition, and generate more business for free. All of these benefits are only achievable if your listing has strong visibility.

If your business is just listed in an area, it doesn’t mean that Google will automatically rank it for the area’s searches. Proximity might be one of the various factors that Google Maps takes into account when it indexes the business listings.

How to rank higher on Google Maps?

There are on-page and also off-page optimizations for local website SEO; we see on-listing and off-listing optimizations for business listing SEO. But the first step is that you are required to get listed on Google Maps and claim your listing. The following steps can help you rank higher on Google Maps.

google my business

Add your business to Google Maps

If you don’t have a Google Maps listing in the first place, you cannot rank higher or perform successfully on Google Maps marketing. There are a few steps that will be making you add your business to Google Maps. It is worth noting that anyone can add a company to Google Maps, so if you haven’t done it yet, you should check and make sure that your business listing doesn’t already exist.

Claim your Google Maps business listing

The second step to get your business higher rank on Google Maps is to claim your listing. The reason is that when you claim your listing, you are only able to provide name, category, and location. When you claim your listing, you can offer many more details about your business, and the more information you are able to put in the business listing, the higher it will be ranking on Google Maps.

Add information to Google Maps business listing

After having a Google Maps business listing and a Google My Business account that is linked to it, you are now entirely ready to optimize it to get a higher ranking in the local search results. If you are considering to add more information to your listing, you can log into your Google My Business account. You will be able to see various tabs down the side.

Keep in mind that you must be consistent with name and address, use a local phone number, also include your primary and tracked number, keep the hours updated, write a business description and correctly categorize your business.

Add photos to the Google Maps business listing

When you upload photos to your listing, it is loved by Google because it gives a signal that you an active listing that is worthy of ranking higher in the results. There is also a Google photo-recognition technology that is advancing, and Google is starting to show the images to the people in local search results.

Get Google reviews

Google is the voice of the customers; therefore, it loves what the customers love. It should not be a surprise that Google Maps gives the ranking favor to the business listings that have positive reviews. When your business listing is created on Google Maps, this opens your business automatically up to reviews.

Consolidate the Google Maps listings

Google will discredit any businesses with multiple phone numbers or locations listed for one actual business. Therefore, you should weed out the duplicate listings and any superfluous information to ensure that your one and the accurate listing will rank.

Post regularly on your Google Maps business listing

Just like Facebook, you can publish your posts that will appear right on your Google Maps business listing. When you regularly post like this, it sends the signals to Google that you are proactively managing your listing, and Google always considers it when it is ranking.


Business listings are becoming more advanced on Google Maps, and this allows consumers to get the required information and make informed purchasing decisions quickly. Various ways are helpful to get the business showing at the top of Google Maps. This way, you will be experiencing the increased visibility, engagement, and the revenue that will come along with it.

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