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In today’s world, web presence is always critical for your business, as it showcases the products or services you offer and legitimizes your business. When the customers look at your site, they learn more about your business and how your business can serve their requirements. If you have a custom website design, then your website is put together by keeping the customers in mind.

Although it is quite easy to launch a website using the available or pre-configured sites, you need to consider creating a custom design website. As your brand is unique to your business, it would be better to showcase your brand through your website’s custom design elements.

What is a Custom Website Design?

A true custom website design involves building the website from scratch using code. There are no templates, pre-packaged graphics, or anything of the kind with the custom design. Many people have a misconception that a fully customized web template is custom website design. One needs to understand that the website templates only allow personalizing the webpages within the predefined boundaries. On the other hand, a custom website design allows you to control every aspect of the design process.


Custom Web Design Process

The custom web design is an iterative and interactive process that consists of concept development, communication, presentation, explanation, and many rounds of revisions. The clients work closely with the web design team every step of the way, thus approving all designs before committing to code.

  • Discovery

The first session is the discovery session when the clients and designers collaborate. There are interviews conducted, and these findings drive the custom web design process. The team needs to understand the project’s design preferences, brand guidelines, goals, and objectives.

  • Design Concepts

When the discovery stage is completed, the team works to design original or custom concepts according to the specification. Normally this means multiple concepts creation, as seeing multiple directions is very important to see all possibilities and comparison purposes. Normally a conservative, modern, and middle approach is worked on.

  • Progress and Revise

When the direction is finalized, the design team works on mockups on all templates identified during the discovery stage. While presenting the designs, it is very important to receive feedback to make any required amendments or changes. This step basically dictates how long a design will take.

  • Approval and Front-end Development

After completion of design revisions, the clients approve the designs, and the front-end development starts commencing. This is where the actual design comes to life and starts to work as a properly coded web page.

  • CMS Integration

When all the front-end development is completed, then it is time to make everything work together. This normally happens through back-end development and also integration into a functional coding framework. Normally, there are hundreds of available options, and by trying a new design into a CMS, it is easy to control the website yourself without the technical team.

Benefits of Custom Web Design

Your business can experience various benefits with custom website design, as you would like to stand out and feature different things on your website that the other businesses may not be using.

  • It shows your business professionalism

If you look at the difference between standard web design and the custom one, you will notice that there is an astounding difference in professionalism. A custom web design always looks professional to anybody who visits it, and this may lead to great conversions and leads because your business looks more legitimate.

  • Your website will rank better

A free website may not help you maximize your SEO; however, those little details can be worked easily into the design on the back end with the custom website. So SEO can be built into the framework, and your climb for ranking will be quite easier and manage and accomplish over time.

  • You will stand out from the competition

While using a template for your website, it is likely to look like many other businesses that use the same template, including your competitors. Custom website design is a way to really stand out as you can get the upper hand by catering more towards your customer and demographic.

  • Flexibility to make changes

With a free template, you are limited to the features and functionalities that are supported by that template. However, with the custom-built website, you have all the flexibility to customize the functionality and make changes to your site according to your business’s requirements.


Though using a standard template is faster and easier, but in the long run, it may hinder your business instead of helping it. This is where a custom website design gets important as it showcases your brand and business’s uniqueness, and your website will be perfectly reflecting the best features of your business.

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