A brand is as good as the people perceive it, regardless of how good the products are or how competitive the prices may be. Branding is the foremost thing that will set your business apart from the competition, and it is the only thing that makes your company recognizable among the competitors.

Therefore, a strong brand identity is crucial for business growth and long-term success, and it doesn’t happen overnight by picking a few colors and slap together a logo. You need a strategic approach that requires deep thinking, strong communication, design skills, and an understanding of your brand.

What is a brand identity?


It can be defined as a way to communicate with the world by differentiating yourself from the competition and create a brand experience that will encourage different people to engage with you. It is basically the sum of total how your brand feels, looks, and speaks to the people.

Some brands have elevated brand identity to an art, while others make it their entry into the playing field. Many brands struggle because they are not aware of how to communicate effectively and don’t actually know who they are, while some are not sure if their current strategy works for them.

This is why crafting a strong brand identity is mandatory if you want your company to be competitive and successful. When you can communicate with the customer about who you are successful, you can share with them better and form healthy relationships for long-term business success.

How to build a brand identity?

If your business is in the starting phase or you are going for a rebrand and not entirely sure where to start from, then the following tips help you to seamlessly move through the process and build a stronger brand identity and set your business up for success.

  • Make a brand strategy

Brand strategy is a detailed plan that precisely outlines what you want to achieve and how you are to achieve it. It consists of your purpose, vision, values and mission, and brand identity. This tool helps you to communicate your brand visually, therefore, supporting you with your brand strategy. It is imperative to have a fleshed-out plan before diving into a brand identity.

  • Dig into your present brand identity

When you are making your brand identity entirely from scratch or updating a stale identity, then the present state of your brand identity and how the new brand identity can be crafted must be your goals in mind. The idea is to understand how a brand is perceived, both internally and externally. If you get an honest and accurate reflection, this is the only way you can understand how and where you will succeed or how you can correct your course.

  • Research your target audience

Your brand identity is the fact that it interacts with the public. Therefore, whatever you create should be accurately communicating about who you are. Your brand identity is also informed by what your customers want to engage with, but it doesn’t mean that your customers will be choosing your logo color. It merely means that you will make better design choices once you understand your customers’ needs, wants, and values.

  • Identify the competition

It is all about differentiation, to make your brand relevant, visible, and unique. If you don’t understand your competitive landscape, then it is easy to blend in. Therefore, it is crucial to understand your competition and how your brand compares with the competitors in presentation and perception.

  • Brainstorm your competition

The next step is to take all the information that you have collected and translated it into visual concepts. This information is steeped in emotional language about the goals, values, and personality of your brand. You can have your team brainstorm word clouds that can describe your brand as the idea is to bring all the words to life through visuals. You should carefully think about the words that you visualize. The associations might be abstract, but you have to get everything out.


Successful businesses are known to be the ones that have a clear and undeniable perspective or, in other words, a strong brand. If you want to develop a brand identity for your business, then it is essential to understand your business and what it takes to create one. It is not very difficult to move through the process effectively and make a truly great brand identity.

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