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WEB DESIGN | 2022-01-17

There never was a kinder, gentler spirit than that of Jenine Diers, founder of Untouchable Beauty Skin Care. Jenine found us through a referral and from the beginning, it was a match made in heaven. Not only did we find a profound connection through being women-owned businesses, but with some people…you just click. It broke our hearts to learn that Jenine had experienced the nasty side of our industry. She came to us after being severely mistreated by her former web designer. All too often, clients find us after they have been dealing with nightmare situations involving shady, immoral web designers or web design agencies. The clients are stressed to the point that they have lost sleep, experienced crippling anxiety and so on. We welcome those people with open arms and do our best to assure them that they are now in good, trusting hands.


In the case of Jenine, she had already had a new logo and her primary brand colors of dark pink, silver, and teal. For the Untouchable Beauty Skin Care website, we added accent colors of playful, light pink and soft teal. Her unique layout was built from scratch with love after several weeks of research in the skin care line industry. We created custom banners for each page, integrated a skin care quiz, designed a quirky shop page, added a live chat feature, applied a social media automated feed, added a FAQ’s dropdown accordion, showcased featured products, and so much more!


Jenine, we are infinitely grateful that we were able to provide the pleasant experience that everyone deserves when dealing with and putting their trust web designers. We wish you all the success with your amazing skin care line!

Visit the Untouchable Beauty Skin Care website here!

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