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WEB DESIGN | 2022-01-19

Amanda King, the founder of Therapies of the Rockies, connected with us initially to inquire about a monthly website maintenance plan for her pre existing website. During our initial consultation with Amanda, we found that her website had not been updated for 5 years and was in need of some TLC. While her website was informative, the large amount of information made the site look busy and cluttered. Upon seeing her old logo, we recommended a full rebrand. In fact, a rebrand every 5 years is a great idea for any business, as it will keep your brand current and relevant. Amanda was a great sport about all of our suggestions and agreed that her old logo and website were a bit outdated. She gave us full creative freedom to create a new logo for her as well as completely redesign her website. And so the fun began!


Before doing any design work, we studied the color psychology of the therapy industry, as well as researched what works and what doesn’t work for therapy websites. Therapies of the Rockies has been an established, reputable business for 14 years with many loyal clients, so we wanted to rebrand them in a way that they could feel proud about.

For their new, beautiful logo, we created an energetic, lively orange sun rising over the Rocky Mountains. This was to signify new beginnings and brighter days ahead, especially after the tough years of 2019, 2020, and 2021. This was especially fitting, as their new website would launch in January 2022. For the logo font, we chose a deep navy blue and an accent of light, pastel blue.

For their stunning, new website, we had our content writer “jazz up” their existing written content. What they had before was fine, but we wanted their new site to be more inviting, warm, and engaging. We custom designed their website to flow in a way that allows it to contain a hefty amount of information without feeling overwhelming or overcrowded. We added a pay invoice feature in the header of every page, so it is no longer difficult for clients to locate and pay, we added live chat, a FAQ’s dropdown accordion, video integration, and more!


With over 15 pages on the new website, this was a challenging yet exhilarating project from start to finish. We want to extend our sincerest gratitude to Amanda and Therapies of the Rockies for entrusting us with their wonderful business and rebrand. 2022 is going to be a great year!

Visit the Therapies of the Rockies website here!

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