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WEB DESIGN | 2022-01-19

Dr. Natasha P. Trujillo is a licensed counseling and sport psychologist who connected with us in anticipation of pursuing her own private practice. For so many individuals, seeking a fresh business venture can present a variety of emotions; excitement, eagerness, uncertainty, and even anxiety. Being business owners ourselves, we can totally relate to the intense roller coaster of emotions that comes from beginning at phase 1. While we, as brand development specialists, love building a brand, we understand that it can be overwhelming for new business owners. For that reason, we formulate a detailed, personalized action plan alongside our client, explaining the whole process from start to finish and making ourselves readily available to answer any questions or concerns that may arise along the way.


From day one, Dr. Trujillo entrusted us with her vision for her business’s brand. Like with any undertaking of this scope, research was key. We performed a detailed analysis on what works and doesn’t work in her specific industry. Through our findings, we were able to put together a soothing color palette that would resonate with the mental health and sports community alike. Ultimately, we went with a royal purple with accents of turquoise and mint green. For her logo, we created a custom, modern-minimalist logo that effectively represented her as the brand.

Lastly but certainly not least, we custom-built Dr. Trujillo’s NPT Therapy website with her target audience at the forefront of our minds. We accomplished this by: 1) We were careful to utilize her brand’s color palette in a way that would be easy and light on the eyes. 2) We combined the use of curves and circles throughout the site to make it flow and give visitors a sense of relaxation as they’re browsing through each page. 3) Just as the mind should not feel cluttered, we allowed the site to breathe with strategic spacing and a minimalist approach to displaying her text information. 4) We implemented several call-to-actions, a booking tool, and a nifty plug-in for showcasing her research publications.


All in all, starting from a blank slate doesn’t need to be scary. In fact, we like to encourage our clients to view it as more of a white canvas to express themselves and their business creatively. Of course, we will be there every step of the way. We had such a wonderful time setting up this new brand for success and getting to know Dr. Trujillo. Undoubtedly, her devotedness to helping others and providing them with a safe space to be themselves greatly inspired us throughout this project. One thing is for certain, we could use a lot more Dr. Trujillos in this world!

Visit the NPT Therapy website here!

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