MVL Life Coaching

WEB DESIGN | 2021-12-11

Often times, we have business owners come to us with an existing website they built themselves when they first started their business. This was exactly the case for Maryna with MVL Life Coaching. She started her life coaching business a year prior to coming to us and at the time, built her website on her own using Wix. Now, there is nothing wrong with using Wix and other DIY website builders, but from what we’ve witnessed, most business owners eventually grow out of it and need something more than what these simple template builders can possibly offer.


Maryna wanted something slick and professional, with a live chat option and appointment booking available right from her website! We did not disappoint… Matter of fact, we even went a step further and added her services as “products”, so that visitors could easily checkout private coaching packages directly from her site. Each of her hourly and monthly packages was listed on the site, along with their descriptions and an “add to cart” button with an encrypted checkout gateway system.


Maryna was extremely satisfied with the finished results and became a frequent customer for future graphic design projects.

Visit MVL Life Coaching website here!

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