Good News Christian Church

WEB DESIGN | 2021-12-08

When the founders of this non-denominational local church came to us to redesign their old website, they were distraught from their past experience. See, they had hired a freelance web designer to build them a professional website for a good price. However, it turned out that their web designer fell short of his promise and underdelivered. It was hard to get a hold of him and they finally decided to explore other options. Thankfully, that path led to us and we instantly made the connection.


We made sure to have an agreement in place that would protect both parties and put their minds at ease from another underwhelming experience. We stripped the old site completely and started fresh. New menu, descriptions and redesigned graphics with updated photos. They wanted something unique from other church websites, and so we went with a freehand brush style that intertwined with their vision of what a welcoming, non-denominational church vibe would be. There were a few features that where crucial to integrate, such as a page for making online church donations and an event page with all future meeting dates, locations and times.


The finished website was like night and day from the original… and the most important part of all, Svetlana and Jeremiah absolutely LOVED their new website. Even though they had to spend more money to fix the work of the previous web designer, the big reveal was a huge success and the smile on their faces was worth restoring their faith in good web designers.

Visit the Good News Christian Church website here!

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