Cara Brewer Photography

WEB DESIGN | 2021-12-31

When Cara Brewer reached out to us for a rebrand and website rebuild, we knew it was going to be an absolute treat working with her to make her vision come to fruition. Not only is Cara an amazing, kind-hearted person, but she is incredibly talented.


Before even beginning the website build, we completely rebranded Cara Brewer Photography. It started with choosing the right color palette: We went with bright, energetic primary colors of orange and green, with an accent color of deep evergreen. The custom logo we designed is a true representation of her brand, in that it displays a camera with a feather. The feather in the logo has a double meaning: it symbolizes her love for photographing nature, as well as symbolizes a quill for her love of poetry. Her logo also presents her new brand colors in an artistic, yet modern way.

When it came to building her website, Cara preferred minimalist yet interactive. Our goal was to build a website that took site visitors on a journey through her life and art. Cara wanted not only a website to showcase her photography, but also her writing/poetry. Her beautiful new website features her portrait, landscape, floral, wildlife, cityscape, and pets photography. We integrated a Shop Art page for customers to purchase fine print canvases in various sizes. We added an entire Writing page dedicated to displaying her writing and poetry.


It was an honor to work alongside Cara Brewer. Having fabulous people like her come into our lives and touch our hearts is a huge part of why we do what we do. Getting to know her and her story ignited within us a passion to keep pushing forward and never give up, even through the most difficult of times. To see her photography up close and personal and to read her poetry was a profound experience. It inspired us to search for beauty in the most unlikely of places. Cara, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for choosing us to come along on this adventure with you. We can’t wait to watch you soar to great heights.

Visit the Cara Brewer Photography website here!

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