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WEB DESIGN | 2022-01-21

When Eve with Furtado Law Solutions reached out to us for a full rebrand, we knew that it was going to be all hands on deck – just the way we like it! After several calls and Zoom meetings with Eve and her associates, we were able to educate ourselves on their very specific industry. Furthermore, we honed in on what they wanted their brand to represent and who they wanted it to reach.


The first order of affairs was to research and present ideas for a new business name that would extend to their target audience better. After much careful deliberation with her team, Ally Property Claim Advisors (Ally PCA) came into fruition. Having an awesome business name is a good start, but it goes without saying that creating a great brand around it is essential.

For their color scheme, we went with colors that will stand out but also appeal to the distinct characteristics that people are looking for in this industry; blue for trust and green for money. After all, Ally Property Claim Advisors is a property insurance claims partner that helps with all types of home property insurance claims, including water damage, fire damage, natural disaster damage, and so on. When creating their custom logo, we took all of this into account by having the letter “y” in Ally form to make the roof of a house and a single flame emerging from the letter “A”. We went with the single flame because we didn’t want the overall logo to be dismal and littered with portrayals of home disasters, but rather to be informative and convey the right message of the services that Ally PCA offers.

Now for our favorite part; the website. When building their custom website, we knew we needed it to capture the attention of contractors, property owners, and REITs. As you can imagine, with such a vast target audience, we had quite a bit of information that we worked hard to figure out how to display in a clear and concise way. An effective technique we used to do this was by breaking up the information with separate FAQ sections that are relevant to each visitor and their particular needs. In addition, we spent extra time on the web development and applied energetic on-page animation to keep the site viewers engaged.


Working with Eve on this rebrand of the new and improved Ally Property Claim Advisors was an experience that we were honored to be a part of. Though challenging at times, we all came together to create something that everyone could be proud of.

Visit the Ally Property Claim Advisors website here!

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