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WEB DESIGN | 2022-01-23

There will never be a moment when we don’t value the chance to assist other small businesses. As a matter of fact, there is definitely a soft spot in our hearts for startup businesses that are just getting their foot in the door. We’ve been there, we understand the struggles, we know (all too well) that there are ups and there are downs. With that being said, we are more than happy to put in the effort to make the transition into being successful business owners easier for our clients. Ultimately, our success is also measured by the success of others. Although we all stand to gain from working together, building brands is our passion and it’s a no brainer that we take it very seriously.


When Lucy with Adventure Room Selfie Studio contacted us about needing a logo and website rebrand because her new business was just not being seen, we couldn’t wait to dive in and get her headed in the right direction. With a unique, innovative business such as a selfie studio, we already had a lot to work with. Adventure Room Selfie Studio is in a prime location, it has over 20 fun backdrops to keep visitors entertained and happy, and now all it required was an equally impressive brand identity to match.

Before becoming totally engrossed in the task at hand, we took a trip to the selfie studio to get a sense for their aesthetic, figure out their target audience, and of course, take some cool photos. Once we had a clear idea of what had been done and what needed to be done, it was straight to the drawing board (so to speak). We began with creating the custom logo. Being that it is a selfie studio, it was only fitting that we made the outline of the logo a camera with the business name playfully displayed inside. For the logo/brand colors, we went with a trio of colors; bright orange, teal, and a darker shade of salmon. After finishing the logo design, we were ecstatic to move onto building the website.

Keeping in mind that Lucy had mentioned she would like to have more families coming into the selfie studio, we knew we had to target not only kids and teens, but adults as well. Essentially, we had a mission to include a little something for everybody. One thing about us is that we thrive on a good challenge, so we really put our heads together for this one. With many of the backdrops in the studio being vibrant, we made sure the website popped with color. Luckily, we didn’t have to worry about there being a shortage of pictures to add to the site, however, choosing the right ones and the perfect placement was important in ensuring that everything flows properly.

In our line of work, we grasp the significant and positive impact that social media can have on a place like Adventure Room Selfie Studio. Knowing this, we added a client reviews slider, press features section, a full-width video from their TikTok, and an integrated Instagram feed that will show online users any new photos posted to their Instagram page. To encourage viewers to take an action, we set up a live chat, call-to-actions, and a booking tool. Finally, the web development phase of this project was critical and we invested a great deal of time into page animations and interactive design.


Much of what we do is rewarding and the rebranding of Adventure Room Selfie Studio is no exception. Lucy was simply fantastic and extraordinarily receptive to our ideas and suggestions. What more could we ask for? At the end of the day, we are so pleased with the outstanding outcome. Here’s to a triumphant year filled with countless smiles at Adventure Room Selfie Studio!

Visit the Adventure Room Selfie Studio website here!

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