10 Best Sites to Help You Become an Expert at Website Design

Blog posts | 2023-01-27

In this day and age, it has become a lot easier to learn a skill or gain technical knowledge. You can find the relevant tools and instructions online with a quick search. When it comes to website design, most people may prefer to look for DIY software or platform to create a business or eCommerce page within a budget. Before starting the process, it is important to get an insight into designing a website that attracts high traffic and converts leads. There are different platforms that you can look through to become an expert within a short time. Here are some of the best sites that can help you learn the essential skills for website design.


This is a great website for gaining knowledge on web design and advanced development as well. You can find various courses and resources for beginners or professionals in HTML, CSS, and UI/UX. By signing up for Codeacademy, it could become a lot easier for you to create a website that is easy to navigate and highly responsive. Look through the various materials and start your learning process from the beginning. A well designed website is an essential part of a digital marketing strategy. It also creates brand recognition with a logo design, typography, and visuals. With Codeacademy, you can become an expert at website design and create a platform that provides a good user experience to visitors.


The web design course offered on this platform is ideal for people looking to start with the basics. It has been introduced by WebFlow University and can help you learn about design factors such as web structure, typography, and advanced layouts as well. This guide also covers search engine optimization along with CSS and HTML. You can easily follow all the instructions and improve your skills in a short time. It comes with hours of video tutorials that simplify the web design process and make it simpler for people to incorporate different features in landing pages.


It is one of the most popular sites for becoming an expert in web development and design. There is a range of free resources on various tools and languages available as well. FreeCodeCamp has more than 8000 courses and different certifications for professionals too. You can learn the basics and gain advanced knowledge about web design by signing up for the course. From visual design to accessibility, people can gain technical expertise in creating portfolio websites, surveys or forms, and product listings.


You might already be familiar with this online learning platform. Udemy has thousands of courses on graphic and web design that can help people with the learning process. It is a good idea to do extensive research and pick the right option. If you look for web design courses, you will find many options that teach users about WordPress, Photoshop, and HTML or CSS. To narrow down the search, you can filter them by popularity, rating, or price. While most courses are paid, the platform does offer a few of them for free as well.


This platform is great for learning different subjects and improving technical skills. You can find many website design courses that have been created in collaboration with top universities and companies like Google. Coursera also provides certifications to people who complete all the tasks and meet the requirements of the course. You can easily choose a web design guide on UI/UX, full-stack development, or Wix to create a platform for your business or startup.


The website has courses that can help beginners and professionals looking to gain more expertise in the field as well. You can sign up for their professional website design course and become an expert within a month. Flux Academy also provides a certification that can add to your credibility. With detailed instructions and engaging videos, you can quickly learn how to design a user-friendly and professional website.


It is an online learning platform that has a range of material on development and design tools. The courses or tracks offered by Treehouse are created specifically for people looking to gain basic skills or learn advanced languages. You can learn about CSS, and HTML and create responsive websites that engage the audience effectively.


This is a good option for getting an introduction to website designing. If you have very little knowledge of the subject and are looking to start from the beginning, the course can certainly help you become familiar with the elements and structure. OpenClassrooms offers a simple video guide that is easy to understand and can teach people about image optimization and font styles as well.


When it comes to launching a mobile-friendly website, Frontend Masters has just the right solution for beginners and professional designers. You can learn about CSS Grid and float, and include images within the website that maintain their quality across various screen sizes or resolutions.


The short course offered by Envato Tuts+ could help you get started with HTML and CSS. If you are looking for an extensive guide, you can sign up for the premium option and learn about tools such as Adobe XD as well.


These are some of the best sites to help you become an expert at website design that us at Pryde Designs recommend. If you are thinking about designing a modern business page or eCommerce platform, then you can search for the right course and choose a suitable option.

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